IMPORTANT NOTICE! : Armadillo Reptile Expos reserves the right to promote only Armadillo Reptile Expos, anyone found promoting other expos without the express written consent of Armadillo Reptile Expos will be asked to cease immediately.

EXHIBITOR INFO. If you are interested in having a table at our expo, please call 512-657-2682 or 512-994-5232.

Tables:  8ft, $100.00 Discounts for large multiples (just inquire). All exhibitors are required to have current Texas Parks & Wildlife licenses/permits for the native species.  You will be required to show your license before you can set up.

Set up is 6 to 9 Friday. ARExpos will have a limited number of volunteers to help you set up and break down your tables.

This is the first reptile expo that Bryan/College Station has allowed.  We have clearance from the city to do this, and an exclusive three year contract at the expo center.

There are animals that are prohibited by the city which is anything they consider dangerous, these are:

     reticulated pythons, burmese pythons, African rock pythons, anacondas, hot snakes, highly venomous inverts, gilas and beaded lizards, large monitor lizards, crocodilians, and unfortunately poison dart frogs (we are working on getting this changed for later shows, because we all know that there are no toxins in captive bred dart frogs)

Table prices are as follows:

up to 2 tables - $100.00 each

next 2 tables - $75.00 each

any tables beyond four - $50.00

**** Loyalty rewards****  are available for our vendors that vend at multiple Armadillo Reptile Expos