Armadillo Reptile Expo- Bryan/College Station, Texas

Education -Conservation – Recreation

April 30th to May 1st 2016


October 1 and 2  2016

at the Brazos County Expo Center

5827 Leonard Rd, Bryan, TX 77807

Plenty of free parking!!


Exhibitor set-up will be Friday Evening, April 29th, from 6 to 8:30.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Saturday, 4/30, 10 to 6. Sunday, 5/1, 10 to 4.

ADMISSION: 2 and under free   children under 13 years   $5.00    Anyone Over 13     $10.00   Regular adult admission, $10.

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DEDICATED TO MEETING A NEW STANDARD IN REPTILE EXPOS, the Directors of Armadillo Reptile Expos have committed themselves to developing a series of shows where FUN meets EDUCATION.

THOUSANDS of small reptiles and amphibians produced by some of the leading breeders in the country will be available for sale. (Nothing venomous or dangerous, of course.)

EDUCATIONAL AND FUN PRESENTATIONS will be offered once every hour. Short, five to ten minute presentations on a variety of topics with a fascinating selection of exotic reptiles, birds, and mammals will be given. Look for the schedule elsewhere on our site, as we develop it.

EDUCATION STATION. Dozens of Reptile related artifacts will be exhibited, with staff on hand to explain and demonstrate, for you and your child to learn about reptiles. Shed skins, reptile eggshells, and lots more will be there to be touched and examined by curious reptile enthusiasts of all ages

ARMADILLO REPTILE EXPOS RESCUE . In accordance with our directors commitment to responsible pet keeping, we have set aside facilities and staff hours to accept any reptile, purchased at any Armadillo Reptile Expos event, and house and care for the animal, including appropriate vet care, if needed, until a new suitable home is found for it, for as long as it takes. No reptile accepted as a rescue will be sold, and they will ONLY be rehomed to individuals which we are satisfied can offer them knowledgeable long term care. If you are interested in receiving rescued/rehomed reptile pets, you may sign up at any of our expos. You will be required to fill out a short questionaire, and go through a short phone interview before receiving any reptiles. PLEASE NOTE – NO EXOTIC REPTILE SHOULD EVER BE RELEASED INTO THE WILD!! Bring them to us, and we will make sure they are properly cared for. Non-native reptiles can do TERRIBLE damage to native species and eco-systems, as well as give herpetoculture a terrible reputation. ANY EXHIBITOR OR GUEST WHICH IS SHOWN TO HAVE RELEASED A NON-NATIVE SPECIMEN INTO THE WILD WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM ATTENDING ALL FUTURE ARMADILLO REPTILE EXPOS11

ARMADILLO REPTILE EXPOS CONSERVATION DONATIONS. A donation will be made to our favorite reptile conservation organization, Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA), of up to 5% of the gate of each expo we do. Turtle Survival Alliance is making tremendous strides in preventing the extinction of dozens of critically endangered turtle and tortoise species around the world, and we applaud their efforts. Please consider this wonderful organization. You may learn more at