Michael Hicks

Michael is currently the founder and owner of the Capital of Texas Zoo, located just outside of Austin, Texas. He has been keeping and breeding herps since the mid-eighties, and has a few world-first breedings and other significant breeding successes on his resume. Currently a new large reptile exhibit complex, to be called 'Reptile Planet', is in the planning stages.

Eric Trager

Eric is the owner and Director of the Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo, located in New Braunfels, Texas. Currently they have one of the largest publicly exhibited reptile collections in the country, including possibly the largest collection of rattlesnake species in the world. A new “Rattlesnake Museum” living collection exhibit is currently under development which will be groundbreaking in its scope.

Ryan South

Ryan South has owned multiple exotic pets stores in Austin for over 20 years, and has privately bred many, reptiles.  His love for reptiles has taken him to places as far away as Africa in search of reptiles.